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Survival: Emergency Medicine Guide In And Out Of Town + Essentials To Store In Your Medicine Kit

Book#1: Survival Medicine: Handbook That Will Save Your Life In The Wilderness

Survival is a big concern for everyone in today’s world. Injuries can happen to anyone and at any time. It does not mean that you close yourself inside your house and end your outdoor activities. You must be prepared for any sort of mishap that might strike at any time. If you ever find yourself in emergency situations where professional help is not accessible, then make it sure that you are fully prepared to cope with it. Misfortunes are never fun but keeping an emergency survival kit along with the knowledge related to essential medications and skills needed for survival can help you in these situations.

In this book we have discussed the important guidelines that can save your life in wilderness. It will help you understand what survival medicine is and why it is needed. It also contains some major areas of interest of survival medicine. This book is specifically designed to provide you information regarding the essential over the counter (OTC) medicines. After reading this book, you will also get enough knowledge about the important skills required for survival. This book has been categorize into five chapters for you convenience;

Book#2: Survival Medicine: Handbook That Will Save Your Life Before Ambulance Come

In this book, you will find some great tips and suggestions that will help to guide you on learning some basic first aid skills that could ultimately lead to saving your or someone else’s life one day. Many of us love for example to go for walks or hikes in a wilderness type setting, to get away from the city, it is certainly an enjoyable thing to do, but it can also be very dangerous. When you are away from civilization you are also cut off from important services—like medical care.

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Learn the basic first aid how to’s that this book offers so that you and your hiking party will be well-versed in the basics of first aid so that everyone will be able to contribute effectively if you should suddenly find yourselves in the middle of an emergency. Find out what to include in your own basic first aid kit and so much more! Feel good in knowing how to react and prepare for an emergency, especially if you are in the wilderness, isolated from civilization.

Book#3: Survival: How To Build Survival Medicine Kit That Will Not Let You Die

There are various types of the calamities and disastrous changes happening in the world which make it important to be prepared for the survival at all the times. For overcoming the medical emergencies, it is quite necessary to make yourself prepared. For this purpose, it is needed to have the proper guidance about the preparation of the medicinal kit. Here is the brief description of its making and the items which should be included in it.

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