How to Create Fun Kids Survival Kit
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It is a great idea to make a kid aware of his or her surroundings while they’re still young so that they’re ready for whatever may come at any time. You must have heard or may even have the adult’s survivor kit. The survivor kit that you have obviously can’t be given to a kid.

However, a great idea would be giving your kids a fun survival kit. Of course, you can’t buy such fun gifts; you’ll have to make one yourself. You can even suggest your kids to give a nice and fun survival kit as a gift to any of their friends. In this manner, your kids and their buddies will grow up fully aware and prepared for any emergency.

Now how can you create a fun kids survival kit? Here’s a complete list of the things that you can add to the kit to not only make it useful but also fun in a lot of ways:

Survival Business Card

1. A mini first aid box– This box should be kept in the kit and the child can also be taught how to use it. You can fill the box with a few bandages, gauze, some cotton, scissors, a few swabs of cotton dabbed in alcohol that’s packed, some cough drops and a pair of gloves would be a nice idea too. If you want you can also add a few safety pins, a sanitizer, a bit of string, and Q-tips.

2. A fire starter kit– One of the most important survival skills is to learn how to start a fire. You can teach your kid how to use the flint and steel or waterproof matches. But you have to emphasize to them the importance of their personal safety in using matches or flint in starting a fire.

3. Water purifier– This should also be taught to your kids so that they can have reasonably safe drinking water if faced with an emergency. An empty bottle should be cut into half and the bottom should be punctured with holes. Now lay a layer of grass in the cut half followed by some sand or even charcoal. Now again place a layer of grass on top. Now pour the water through and collect it, it will be more or less purified.

4. A dictionary(preferably one that’s loaded with visuals) that explains all the edible food should be made part of the survival kit.

5. A compass and a map with the knowledge of how to read both should be provided to all the kids. It will no doubt be very helpful for them in locating the campsite and identifying the nearest county and town within their vicinity.

The best gift you can give your kids is to make them self sufficient and independent while they’re still young. In times of a crisis or an emergency, their survival training will prove invaluable in overcoming any adversity.

Having a base understanding of what it takes to be a survivalist is essential.

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