How To Make A 72 Hour Survival Kit For Emergency Preparedness
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Emergencies happen almost in the most unexpected time; which is why having a 72 hour emergency survival kit is crucial. Emergencies and disasters can come to you in a surprise and might even catch you off-guard. There have been lots of people reported to have died during disasters because they were not prepared.

During disasters, there are organizations and government agencies that are there to attend to those people hit by different disasters and emergencies.These might be able to show right away. This is why it is encouraged that a 72 hour backpack be always handed to every person or family.

During or after a disaster, help might not come to people that quick for some reasons. Having a survival kit which is meant for 3 days is going to be very essential during those situations. This 72 hour emergency survival kit is one of the key element in surviving a disaster while waiting for help from other agencies and groups.

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Being always prepared for whatever emergencies that could happen is very crucial in saving lives. This is why, people must have 1 person kit in their homes, in their car’s trunk, their offices, and one they could bring with them when they travel. It is always wise to be always prepared so you won’t have to worry about anything bad that might happen to you.

When it comes to a 72 emergency kit, among the most popular are home survival kits, car kits, school safety kits, office emergency and traveling kits.

A Home 72 hour emergency survival kit is popular because it is important that safety should always be observed most especially at home. It is at home where your families are and the very first people you would want to be saved during calamities and emergencies are your families. The survival kits found at home are usually weatherproof and in durable containers. This has to be also portable so it can readily be carried to any parts of the house.

Car kits, on the other hand, is always a good idea even if you are just doing short commutes. It is advisable that your car always have this 72 hour emergency survival kit handy. Accidents like snowstorm, minor car crashes, loss of gas and other emergencies can come to the person driving just anytime. Survival kits in the car usually contain backpack that is easy to store, food and water, those first aid kits, flashlights and other necessities. In case you get involved in a car accident, consider calling a personal injury attorney to ensure that your rights are protected.

It is also important that schools have 72 hour emergency survival kits. In cases of emergencies, you would always want your children to be safe even when they are in schools. During emergencies, schools can go on a lock down, which is why, it is important that the school is equipped with the proper 72 hour bag contents.

Most people would go to their jobs and be in the office almost everyday. If emergencies happen, there are great chances that people can find themselves in their office. Accidents and unfateful events have happened and caused a lot of lives in offices. Regretful events can be avoided if there is enough preparation with the help of survival kits.

As emergencies and disasters happen anytime and anywhere, it is also advisable that travels should also be done not without 72 hour emergency survival kit.

How to Prepare Your 72 Hour Emergency Survival Kit

Now that you have seen the importance of a 72 emergency kit, it is time to know how to prepare the right 72 hour survival kit. This kit may include different essential things but the main idea is that you are prepared. There are key components that should be present in a 72 hour emergency kit like medical items, food stocks, clothing and other essential items in a 72 hour backpack.

But here are some of the items that you would want your 1 person kit to have.

1. You need to have an easy-to-store backpack.

2. Water is essential so you would want to have at least 1 litre of it that you can easily carry.

3. Food is important for survival so you must not forget having canned food in your kit. And bring a can opener.

4. You can also have emergency snack bars which are high in calories. This will help you sustain yourself and your family.

5. Try to also have a multi-purpose tool like a knife.

6. If you can get waterproof matches then that would be better. Or if you prefer a lighter then you can also do so.

7. Some people would also want to have glow sticks with them.

8. Clothes are also necessary so have some set aside for your kit.

9. First aid kit should not be dismissed. Have some bandages and some common medicines handy.

There many other necessities that you can include in a 72 hour emergency kit to ensure that you have the right 72 hour bag contents.

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