Survival Kits Q&A
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Q: What is the cost difference between buying a survival kit and building one on my own?
A: Surprisingly, preassembled kits are less expensive than piecing one together on your own. Each item in a kit may only cost a dollar or two at a box store, but preassembled survival kits contain many items that cost-wise can add up quickly. Due to wholesale discounts that are available to many online retailers, preassembled kits give you more for your money.

Q: Is there a difference in quality between online and store-bought products?
A: Yes. Online retailers have access to high quality specialty products through wholesale that are not available at local box stores.

Q: How many items come in a preassembled kit and are they all necessary?
A: Most preassembled survival kits sold online are assembled to contain only the essential items that will be needed during an emergency. Even though emergency situations are unpredictable, items in a survival kit can be utilized in any type of emergency. Experts who have determined what items and how much of an item will be necessary in an emergency put preassembled survival kits together. Each kit is built for a specified amount of time, usually 24 or 72 hours.

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Q: How much time would it take me to build my own kit?
A: Assembling your own survival kit will take a variable amount of time, but you can plan on it taking a significant amount of your attention. Before purchasing supplies, you would want to research how to build a kit, finding out what items are necessary and how much of an item is best for your needs. Once your research is completed, you would be required to spend time in various stores picking out the best items and for the best prices. And some items, which can be found in a preassembled kit, cannot be found at your local big box store. Locating items in a store takes time. On the other hand, preassembled kits include everything you need for an emergency and can be purchased in just a few minutes through an online retailer.

Q: Will I be able to find all the same items in a local store that are included in a preassembled kit?
A: Some items found in preassembled kits cannot be found elsewhere as they are specifically designed for the survival kit and are not sold separately. Also, preassembled survival kits contain items that are sized to easily fit into a survival pack. Items in a preassembled kit are also quantized for a specific time period.

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