Pocket Survival Kits – Are They Worth It?
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Part of being a good traveler is in the preparation before the trip. In the real world, situations can happen when you least expect them and where you least expect them, so it’s important to always be prepared. No matter what type of adventure you’re planning, a day trip or a week long expedition, a compact survival kit is a necessity.

I define a compact survival kit as a minimal amount of gear that you carry with you in order to survive various unexpected situations. The focus here is primarily on a survival kit that is purposefully small and lightweight, and one that can be easily carried in your pocket. Obviously a kit of this size will not contain everything that you need to survive for an extended period of time. A pocket survival kit should be regarded as a supplement to other equipment carried in your main pack or emergency supplies. It is not intended to replace your backpack or 72 hour Bug Out bag, however it can be useful if anything does happen.

If you are caught in an extreme survival scenario, a small every day carry (EDC) kit suddenly becomes a very valued possession. Packed inside the (EDC) survival kit should be the means to light fires, obtain food, aid in making shelter, purify water, signal for help and apply some basic first aid. The idea is for all of this in a small container that can be carried on your person. Conveniently everything fits in the Altoids tin. It fulfills all of these component groups, add a strong knife and survival blanket in your pocket and you’ll be set. Your (EDC) kit should be comprehensive enough to stand on its own if everything else is lost. When the right kind of emergency gear are packed into it, it just might save your life.

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Above all, you need to have the survival skills and knowledge to use it. Having wire for building snares is great, if you know how to make a snare and where to put it. Another part lies in coping when things go wrong, a combination of attitude, preparation and improvisation. If you have a survival tin you have to be prepared to use it. You have to have the mindset that says I am going to make it through this!

The bottom line to all this is that I don’t leave the house without it. It is as natural to me as taking my cell phone and car keys. An emergency kit is of no use if it is not accessible. You just never know when a situation will arise that something in that kit will come in handy. For what they cost to make or buy, yes, they are worth it.


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